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Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

21071 County 118, Preston, Minnesota 55965 USA
(507) 352-5111
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5 Star Rating   June 26th, 2019   Amazing Campsites!
We had so much fun at this state park! The campsites are wonderful--most are very private and decently sized. The bathroom facilities are some of the best we`ve seen in the state. Plenty of fishing and hiking to be done and the cave is AMAZING! I highly recommend the tour!

When we went, the gnats were BRUTAL, but it was a bad, record year for those statewide, so it wasn`t normal for the park to see. It was terrible though and we did cut our trip short, but we are already planning on coming back next year!
Submitted by: cochy

5 Star Rating   June 2nd, 2013   Caves and History
Great park with lots of activities. Take one of the many tours of the cave. It`s really interesting. And the remains of Forestville is a nice glimpse into history. One of the best things is that the state park has NO MOSQUITOS thanks to a colony of bats in Forestville and swift moving water of the river.

4 Star Rating   October 5th, 2012
Lots of things to do. Our niece and nephew (age 5 and 8) loved the cave. The cave is a few miles from the campground, they were about to repave that road this fall. Forestville still opens on Fridays and Saturdays but seemed spendy so we didn`t go. You can still see the historic buildings from the outside on other days. We enjoyed some good hiking paths.
Submitted by: rainbwblu

5 Star Rating   June 16th, 2009
Great park with things to do such as the Caves and historic Forestville. However, I think Forestville may be closing due to state budget cuts. The caves were pretty impressive. Both tours were well worth the money. Mosquitoes were pretty much non-existant and I was told is due to the cold river water which is not suitable for their eggs. They had some nice bird talks and hikes. Only complaint was that they don't have any kind of playground for the kids. Lots of raccoons.
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