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Restoule Provincial Park

Restoule, Ontario P0H 2R0 Canada
(705) 729-2010
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5 Star Rating   January 3rd, 2015

4 Star Rating   August 3rd, 2013   Great site and campground!
Nice and quiet with very friendly staff! Dog beach is small and has a few small pebbles in the shallowest parts but wade out a couple of feet and it`s all sand! Water is warm and clear and fishing from the dock will score you sunfish and smallmouth bass!

The sites are nice and large and lots of trees meaning lots of privacy!

Privy`s were clean although the taps just outside for handwashing did not work! They did have a hand sanitizer that was kept full at all times though!

At night there were lots of animal sounds such as frogs, loons and owls and during our first night we did have a rather bold raccoon try to enter our screen tent but we managed to scare him away permanently the following evening.

Firewood was of good quality and reasonably priced at $7.25/bag which included tax. Ice was $2.25 a bag which was also pretty much right in line with everywhere else.

All in all I would highly recommend this little out-of-the-way park to anyone who wants a break from the city. You won`t be disappointed!
Submitted by: Madamx28
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