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Port Burwell Provincial Park

Port Burwell, Ontario N0J 1T0 Canada
(519) 874-4691
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4 Star Rating   December 22nd, 2018   Port Burwell Sites
Many of the sites have changed dramatically due to the removal of all the ash trees. The privacy between sites has been reduced because of the removal of these trees.
Submitted by: nmac

3 Star Rating   December 1st, 2014   Great campsites, declining beach
We have camped at Port Burwell quite a few times, but this past year we only went once. Although the campsites are generally good sized and fairly private, the beach is really declining. They no longer groom the beach, and it`s now full of debris from Lake Erie, our least favourite Great Lake. Port Burwell does have a fabulous playground, though.
Submitted by: redheart

4 Star Rating   June 14th, 2011
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