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Point Farms Provincial Park

82491 Bluewater Hwy, Goderich, Ontario N7A 3X9 Canada
(519) 524-7124
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4 Star Rating   January 3rd, 2015

5 Star Rating   November 13th, 2014   Our favourite park
Point Farms is our favourite place to camp. It`s not a perfect park, but it has so many great features. Its best feature is probably the beach - it`s huge and clean and sandy. Lake Huron is clean and a real pleasure to swim in. The campgrounds are not the most private, but if you book carefully you can find sites with good privacy. It`s a quick walk down the steps to go to the beach (and a not so quick walk back up the 121 steps at the end of the day). The staff there is consistently amazing. The nearby town of Goderich is beautiful, with plenty of activities for rainy days.
Submitted by: redheart
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