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The Pinery Provincial Park

RR 2, Grand Bend, Ontario N0M 1T0 Canada
(519) 243-2220
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5 Star Rating   December 7th, 2018   Love
Great childhood memories as well as adult ones. Love The Pinery
Submitted by: Karen

5 Star Rating   February 21st, 2016   Not a Party Park as stated
Great park, yes there are a lot of people, but well patrolled by Park staff n OPP. 0 tolerance for loud n noisy sites after 11. Great beach once water levels get back to their normal levels..... Very Eco friendly, excellent trail system, and fall camping here is second to none.

5 Star Rating   October 5th, 2015   Love off season camping at Pinery!
We continue to return to Pinery Park year after year. The beach and dunes are awesome! So fun getting that day of huge waves at the beach. Beautiful, clean, and so much to explore!

1 Star Rating   February 21st, 2015   Oh yuk another tourist trap.
One thousand campsites more like a city less like camping. Tourist trap.

5 Star Rating   January 31st, 2015   Great place to camp year after year
My first visit was back in 1972. I loved it then and I loved it when I came back in 2011. I was thinking that the campground would be over developed and ruined when I went back. I was wrong. They only improved it. The bathrooms are all improved and use solar power, etc. The sites remain largely private and many of them are quite big. As far as rowdy parties are concerned, I personally witnessed the park staff and OPP evict would-be party people. They take it very seriously. I keep coming back year after year for the beach, campsites, canoeing, sunsets, nature centre, etc. Love it!

5 Star Rating   December 1st, 2014   Our early spring camping destination
We`ve never camped at the Pinery in peak season. We camp at the Pinery in April each year and the quietness and natural setting is amazing. We spent a great deal of time watching muskrats and ducks in the Ausable River, which was right beside our campsite.
Walking on the Riverside, Hickory and Bittersweet Trails are some of our favourite activities.
Submitted by: redheart

4 Star Rating   September 19th, 2013   Beautiful Park!
Extremely pretty with a unique ecosystem including rare oak savannah forest! Well maintained property with beautiful beach and gorgeous hiking trails. Lots of public washrooms and picnic tables although both are in need of a cleaning/refurb! Staff is super-friendly and helpful.

Stay for the sunset! National Geographic rated the Lake Huron sunsets as one of the top 10 sunsets in the world and it`s easy to see why once you have experienced it.

Go in the fall for minimum crowds!
Submitted by: Madamx28

1 Star Rating   July 13th, 2012
Grand Bend`s toilet. Great place to party & puke. As for serious camping find another provincial park.

1 Star Rating   May 18th, 2012
Wall to wall people this park has been ruined by overuse. Don`t expect privacy or peace and quiet expect line ups, drunks and frustration. It`s an outdoor bar.

1 Star Rating   May 9th, 2012   Pinery
This is a party park itís noisy, crowded and highly overrated. Weekends are ridiculous with over 1000 campsites itís impossible for park staff to keep it under control. If you donít mind noise this is the place to go, if you want to relax pass on this park.
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