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Inverhuron Provincial Park

19 Jordan Rd, Tiverton, Ontario N0G 2T0 Canada
(519) 368-1959
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4 Star Rating   October 28th, 2019   New Loop added
A few years ago a third section was opened. Like the other 2 loops the sites are large and private with trees between sites. The original 2 sections are Gunn Point( sites1-76), and Lime Kiln (101-186). The new section is Holmes Bay (sites201-278).
Submitted by: nmac

5 Star Rating   July 4th, 2018   Wonderful experience!
My husband and I camped in Holmes Bay Campground for the first time...end of June/18. Private sites, clean washrooms, friendly helpful staff! Great trails for hiking/biking/exploring. Beautiful swimming area and beach. Lovely old settler cemetery to quietly visit. Plan to go back soon as we can!

1 Star Rating   August 4th, 2015   Gotta love camping beside a Nuclear power plant
Really if the hum of the turbines of the Bruce Nuclear Plant isn`t annoying enough the site of the Nuclear Plant right beside one beach should just be disturbing. Creepy seriously creepy.

1 Star Rating   February 22nd, 2015

2 Star Rating   November 17th, 2014

5 Star Rating   November 13th, 2014   Small, quiet park - great beach
Another lovely, small park on gorgeous Lake Huron. We camped here on an August weekend in 2013 and really enjoyed how quiet the park felt because of its small size. There is only one hiking trail in the park so we won’t be coming here very often in the spring, but our plan was to spend most of our time at the beach, and we did. The beach is excellent – soft sand and shallow entrance to the lake. Our campsite was hard packed gravel, as are all of the other campsites we saw. This made for difficult pegging and a bit of dust, but was well worth it because the sites are very private. We probably had the most private site we’ve had in any park in recent years, and there seemed to be a number of other similar sites.
Submitted by: redheart

2 Star Rating   July 19th, 2013   Overused
Ontario Parks describes Iverhuron as Ontario’s best kept secret it is not a secret anymore. Its being ruined the best way to describe it is top heavy too many campsites for the size of the park. The garbage disposals and the shower facilities are not sufficient for the amount of people using the park. Gravel campsites are aggravating for tent campers. The worst feature of all is its next door neighbour the Bruce Nuclear Plant, depending on where your campsite is you might be listening to the monotonous continuous noise from the plant, after three days I packed up and left. Being this heavily used must have a big environmental impact on the place because aside from the seagulls in the lake the only animal life seemed to be people’s pets.
Its clean, it’s well maintained, staff is pleasant and the campers are not partiers so the place is calm. But if you’re more than a few hours drive away skip Iverhuron its nothing special.

5 Star Rating   June 28th, 2013

5 Star Rating   June 28th, 2013

2 Star Rating   April 27th, 2013
Nice recreational park but really crowded. Way too many campsites for the size of the park.

4 Star Rating   May 9th, 2012
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