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Arrowhead Provincial Park

451 Arrowhead Park Rd, Huntsville, Ontario P1H 2J4 Canada
(705) 789-5105
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1 Star Rating   August 1st, 2015

1 Star Rating   February 21st, 2015

2 Star Rating   February 20th, 2015   More Recreational Than Camping
Arrowhead is not as large as I thought its also rather congested beaches are full and the lake was small. No real place to get away at the lake while canoeing except at the far end doesnít take long to paddle no real challenge. Vehicle traffic is heavy in the campground and campers were very noisy and more than a few parties. Donít pick a site on roads that have loops at the end the kids use these roads to play on and I didnít see a playground for them. Campsites and facilities were clean but mostly this is a recreational campground not really a great camping experience.

5 Star Rating   December 1st, 2014   Many private sites
This is one of our favourite parks, although we wish there was a playground for children. Many of the campsites are large and private and weíve even had deer walking through the bush just at the edge of our campsite. The bathrooms are decent, although some of the vault toilets are not always well kept, despite our report to the staff. The trails are wonderful and lead to some gorgeous views, such as Stubbís Falls. This trail, along with the Hardwood Hills trail, is easily managed by young children. We really enjoyed a guided tour of the Hardwood Hills trail in 2012 and will be looking for more guided tours at other parks in the future. Arrowhead Lake is warm and calm. The beaches are nothing spectacular, but are sufficient to keep children happy for the afternoon.
Submitted by: redheart

1 Star Rating   July 15th, 2014
Really crowded. Very noisy. Too many campsites for a small park.

3 Star Rating   July 13th, 2012
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