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Goblin Valley State Park

Green River, Utah 84525 USA
(435) 564-3633
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4 Star Rating   March 14th, 2014   Loved the "goblins", remote, quiet park
This is a great park for exploring the beauty and unique landscapes of Utah. Visitors can hike right into the goblins, which are unique, colorful formations caused by erosion that take on interesting, imaginative shapes. If you have kids, this is a great place to explore. We visited in early October and it was hot at mid-day, but comfortable hiking (with water) prior to noon and afternoon. The campground is open desert, in the shadow of a huge goblin-like formation, so there are very few trees and no privacy between the sites. Each campsite has a covered picnic table which comes in handy. We stayed 4 nights, the campground was about 2/3 full, and it was surprisingly quiet during that time. We were in site 14 and as the sun set, we had shade before those on the other side of the road. All sites have a view of the valley so there really isn`t a "best site" in the park. I would rate the park "good" due to the lack of privacy between sites, but "very good" for the views, quiet setting, and interesting goblins.
Submitted by: RatherBcamping
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