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Mills Norrie State Park

Old Post Rd, Staatsburg, New York 12580 USA
(845) 889-4646
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1 Star Rating   October 21st, 2012

3 Star Rating   October 21st, 2012

1 Star Rating   October 21st, 2012   Great, if you like trains
A train went by every half hour for the entire day and night. It`s right by the campsites and VERY loud. The rumble was tolerable, but the horn blasting would wake us up from a dead sleep.

All of the sites are not in view or directly accessible to the water, and most of the shoreline is rocky so swimming shouldn`t be on your agenda. The sites themselves are right next to one another, and have very few trees in the area, so there aren`t any to divide the sites. The sites were clean though, and well groomed for tent placement. The hiking trails were mediocre though, and the map they give you are unreadable.

The staff is very nice.
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