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Savanna Portage State Park

55626 Lake Place, McGregor, Minnesota 55760 USA
(218) 426-3271
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3 Star Rating   July 12th, 2017

5 Star Rating   June 2nd, 2013   Great Escape
Savanna Portage is not a terribly busy park and it is very large, with lots of good tree coverage in the campground. The park is a great getaway from the city. Several beautiful lakes and ample hiking (we were a little disappointed with the Continental Divide view). The lakes are beautiful and undeveloped. We rented a canoe and enjoyed solitude on the water. In the campground, the water was cloudy and very rusty from one spigot, but okay from the other.

5 Star Rating   May 28th, 2013   Trails, Wildlife, Peace & Quiet
We have 2 young children and have been going to Savanna Portage State Park for 3 years, at least 2 times per year. This remote campground offers peace and quiet. You can listen to the loons, watch the geese fly overhead, birds, frogs, fish, swans and so much more. You can ride your bike all day, go to Loon Lake to swim or play on the playground and hike! Kids love to go to the Bog every year and see if anything has changed and enjoy riding bike until dusk. We have stayed on both loops and they are equally quiet. If you like to be in rustic outdoor camping and not an RV lot this is the place to camp. We rank this as one of our top 3 campgrounds! Did I mention the Stars are so bright, no other light to drown out the gorgeous sky!
Submitted by: S.Nelson

5 Star Rating   July 1st, 2011
Submitted by: RoxyCampingMommy

4 Star Rating   July 19th, 2010
We camped here 7/16-19/10. There actually is a nice beach and kids playground equipment at this park, but you'll need to get in your car and drive there from the campground - this park is pretty big. We did a bunch of hiking and the cool water in Loon Lake was a great way to end the day. The campground does have a play field with sandbox, volleyball net, and horseshoes and the friendly campground host has horseshoes and other equipment to check out. Nice private sites

3 Star Rating   October 9th, 2009
Savanna Portage is fairly remote and has lots of good tree coverage and decent privacy throughout the campground. We saw numerous deer while we were visiting. There is no playground or beach. The lake is pretty and seems to have no developments on the shores.
Submitted by: Jeff Prom

5 Star Rating   July 14th, 2009
Great site for a hike! We camped at a remote site that had a beautiful view.

4 Star Rating   April 13th, 2009
This was a fun park to hike. The camp site we had had a shelter to store our supplies as well as fire wood stacked up for us. We were not far from the lake and this park overlooks the continental divide!
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