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Rondeau Provincial Park

Hwy 15, Morpeth, Ontario N0P 1X0 Canada
(519) 674-1750
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1 Star Rating   June 12th, 2019   Party park
Rondeau is a notorious party park. Just do a search for it on Victoria Day long weekend 2017.

3 Star Rating   October 25th, 2017   Rondeau Park
This provincial park is the second oldest park in Ontario next to Algonquin. Like Algonquin it has several private cottages. These cottages are on park land and they lease the land from the park. The lease is up at the end of 2017 and at the moment they are in negotiations to renew the lease for another 21 years. If the lease is not renewed the cottages are to removed at the owners expense. The cottages are mostly all heritage cottages and have been in some families for several generations. Many are very unique and yes some are a bit run down but the threat of no land lease deters them from making expensive improvements. They bring in considerable revenue which helps with other park improvements.
The park is large and has lots of great biking and hiking opportunities. The water on the bay side offers a sheltered area that is used by a lot of wind surfers.
The camping area has both electrical and non electrical sites. Many of the sites are extremely unlevel and not suitable for RV`s. They are closer together than most provincial parks. Most sites have some form of shade and some are fully shaded.
Submitted by: nmac

1 Star Rating   August 1st, 2015   Campsites NOT!!!
Just change the name to Rondeau Provincial PARKING LOT.

1 Star Rating   May 12th, 2015

3 Star Rating   May 12th, 2015   YUK

1 Star Rating   March 22nd, 2015   Bad for camping
don`t think i can add much more to the reviews it`s all been said. no trees no shade must be hot with just a tent and a dining shelter. as for privacy there is none campground is an open field with dusty poorly maintained roads lots of potholes hard on the trailer. if you don`t mind camping in wide open spaces then rondeau will be okay. hard to believe they have repeat business.

1 Star Rating   February 21st, 2015

3 Star Rating   February 20th, 2015   Bring shade!!!!
Youíll never have to worry about lightning striking a tree in your campsite, ainít no trees. If youíre not good at backing up a trailer, no worries there isnít anything to hit and if your dog runs away he wonít be able to hide in this wasteland.

2 Star Rating   December 1st, 2014   Can`t imagine camping here
We visit Rondeau usually once a year, but just for a day trip. The beach is OK - it`s quite narrow and often full of shells. Lake Erie water is usually warm (and dirty), so not my favourite place to go to the beach, but it`s close to the grandparents` house. We are avid campers and cringe everytime we see Rondeau`s campsites - they are out in the open and incredibly close together. We do not intend to ever stay overnight here.
Submitted by: redheart

1 Star Rating   August 26th, 2014   What campsites?
Whose idea was this place? Can you say TRAILER PARK the only thing missing is cement pads to park the honking big rigs on. I doubt there is another Provincial Park in Ontario that has as poor quality of campsites as Rondeau. Calling this camping is a joke half the sites don`t have a tree on them. A shame really as the rest of the park is nice. If you`re tent camping skip this place it only suitable for giant trailers with TV,AC, satellite dishes, couches and a travelling circus.

1 Star Rating   June 30th, 2013   No privacy, few trees
Worst campsites ever!!!! Just camp in the Walmart parking lot it`ll be the same experience and a lot cheaper.Plus no load mouth drunks and blasting music.

3 Star Rating   June 20th, 2013

3 Star Rating   June 20th, 2013

1 Star Rating   April 27th, 2013
Trails are okay beach is clean, interesting marsh area but the campsites are horrible. It`s just a big trailer park for oversized gas guzzling motorhomes and 5th wheels and people who aren`t active and like clear satellite signal for their televisions.

1 Star Rating   December 21st, 2012   Poor sites
Below average sites. Too open,little shade no privacy. Just use Rondeau for day use camp at Wheatley Provincial Park much better quality sites.

1 Star Rating   October 23rd, 2012   Party park
Noise, noise and more noise. Very few campsites have privacy campground is just a big field very little shade.

1 Star Rating   July 7th, 2012
Lousy campsites no shade no privacy!!!

2 Star Rating   June 19th, 2012   Its a trailer park.
Campground is crowded very few sites have any type of privacy and many lack shade. If you have a trailer this is the place to go as it is pretty much a trailer park not the best sites for tents. There are loads of kids and inconsiderate campers crossing thru and allowing their kids to play in other peopleís sites. Campers hacking limbs off the trees and collecting dead wood to burn a BIG NO NO in provincial parks. Trails are okay nothing special and beach is clean nice camp store when itís open. Overall its trailer park city and youíll be in the middle of a playground not a peaceful place.

2 Star Rating   May 9th, 2012
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