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Lake Maria State Park

11411 Clementa Ave NW, Monticello, Minnesota 55362 USA
(763) 878-2325
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5 Star Rating   July 22nd, 2018   Beautiful!
Camped here in Aug of `16 and July of `18. Stayed at B2 both times. Easy hike with little ones. If you take a cart, invest in a heavy duty utility cart.

5 Star Rating   August 3rd, 2010
Beautiful park and very well maintained by the park's managers. Lots of nice trails, excellent campsites. Because they are all hike-in sites, it keeps the riff raff out. LOL.

5 Star Rating   July 2nd, 2009
I've been hiking at this park and it has many trails as well as nice cabins to rent if you don't want to use a tent. I've been wanting to rent a cabin ever since.
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