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Anastasia State Park

1340-A A1A S, St. Augustine, Florida 32080 USA
(904) 461-2033
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5 Star Rating   May 1st, 2013   GORGEOUS large park with MUCH to do
This is probably my favorite state park (of the 8 I`ve visited...6 in VA, 2 in SC); it is very large and spacious with many options: small watercraft (canoes/kayaks) put-in, fishing, ocean front beach, HUGE wide beach, camping, biking, walking, shelters for picnics, etc.; beautiful, lush foliage; FANTASTIC campsites; big enough park that even when it`s fairly full / bush, you still have plenty of room for yourself. LOVE THIS PARK!
Submitted by: DrooCroo

5 Star Rating   March 4th, 2010
Beautiful campground on Anastasia Island. You can hear the surf from your tent! Take a walk on the beach at night, you'll have the whole place to yourself.
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