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Inverhuron Provincial Park

19 Jordan Rd, Tiverton, Ontario N0G 2T0 Canada
(519) 368-1959
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Park Description:

Welcome to Ontario Parks’ best kept secret! Inverhuron – popular for its sandy beach, dunes and glorious sunsets – is open for camping again.

Once a favourite camping destination, for the past 29 years Inverhuron has been open for day use only. However, as of July 8th 2005, 162 private, well-treed campsites are available for reservation. 125 sites have electrical service; the convenient comfort stations have municipally-supplied water; the trails are improved and a large picnic shelter is available in the day-use area of the park.

In addition to the spectacular beach and dunes, Inverhuron includes wetlands and a young hardwood forest. The diverse habitat nurtures rare plants and protects many woodland animals and birds. The park is also steeped in history. Aboriginal people roamed here for thousands of years. In the 1800s, a small town was located in what is now part of the provincial park.

Future plans for Inverhuron include 88 more campsites, an amphitheatre and improvements to an existing boat launch.
If you remember camping at Inverhuron as a child, you’ll want to rediscover this special place. If you’ve never been to Inverhuron, make sure it’s on your “must see” list this summer!

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