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Shasta-Trinity National Forest

3644 Avtech Parkway, Redding, California 96002 USA
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Ackerman Campground

AH-DI-NA Campground

Algoma Campground

Alpine View Campground

Antlers Campground

Arbuckle Campground

Bailey Cove Campground   (1 Review)

Basin Gulch Campground

Beegum Gorge Campground

Big Bar Campground

Big Flat - Big Bar Campground

Big Flat - Weaverville Campground

Big Slide Campground

Bridge Campground

Burnt Ranch Campground

Bushytail Campground

Captains Point Campground

Castle Lake Campground

Cattle Campground

Clark Springs Campground

Clear Creek Campground

Cooper Gulch Campground

Deadlun Campground

Deerlick Springs Campground

Denny Campground

Eagle Creek Campground

East Weaver Campground

Ellery Creek Campground

Fawn Group Campground

Forest Glen Campground

Fowlers Campground

Goldfield Campground

Gooseneck Campground

Green's Creek Campground

Gregory Creek Campground

Gumboot Campground

Harris Springs Campground

Hayden Flat Campground

Hayward Flat Campground

Hells Gate Campground

Hirz Bay Campground

Hobo Gulch Campground

Horse Flat Campground

Jackass Springs Campground

Lakeshore East Campground

Lakeshore East Campground - Yurt Loop

Lower Jones Valley Campground

Madrone Campground

Mariners Roost Campground

Mary Smith Campground

McBride Springs Campground

McCloud Bridge Campground

Minersville Campground

Moore Creek Campground

Nelson Point Campground

Panther Meadows Campground

Philpot Campground

Pigeon Point Campground

Pine Point Campground

Preacher Meadow Campground

Ridgeville Campground

Ridgeville Island Campground

Ripstein Campground

Rush Creek Campground

Scott Mountain Campground

Scotts Flat Campground

Shasta Campground

Shiell Gulch Campground

Sims Flat Campground

Ski Island Campground

Skunk Point Campground

Slide Creek Campground

Stoney Creek Group Campground

Stoney Point Campground

Tannery Gulch Campground

Tomhead Saddle Campground

Trinity River Campground

Trout Creek Campground

Tunnel Rock Campground

Upper Jones Valley Campground

White Rock Campground

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