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Los Padres National Forest

6755 Hollister Ave, Goleta, California 93117 USA
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Alder Creek Campground

Aliso Campground

American Canyon Campground

Arroyo Seco Campground

Baja Campground

Ballinger Campground

Barrel Springs Campground

Bates Canyon Campground

Bottchers Gap Campground

Brookshire Campground

Buck Spring Campground

Caballo Campground

Cachuma Campground

Campo Alto Campground

Cerro Alto Campground

Cherry Creek Campground

China Camp Campground

Chuchupate Campground

Chula Vista Campground

Colson Canyon Campground

Cottonwood Campground

Davy Brown Campground

Dome Springs Campground

Dutchman Campground

Escondido Campground

Figueroa Campground

Fremont Campground

Friis Campground

Halfmoon Campground

Hardluck Campground

Hi Mountain Campground

Holiday Group Campground

Horseshoe Campground

Kings Campground

Kirk Creek Campground   (14 Photos)

La Panza Campground

Lazy Campground

Los Prietos Campground

Marian Campground

McGill Campground

Memorial Park Campground

Middle Lion Campground

Middle Santa Ynez Campground

Miranda Pine Campground

Mono Campground

Mt. Pinos Campground

Nacimiento Campground

Navajo Campground

Nettle Springs Campground

Nira Campground

Ozena Campground

Paradise Campground

P-Bar Campground

Pine Mountain Campground

Pine Springs Campground

Plaskett Creek Campground

Pleito Creek Campground

Ponderosa Campground

Rancho Nuevo Campground

Reyes Creek Campground

Reyes Peak Campground

Rock Camp Campground

Rose Valley Campground

Sage Hill Campground

Salt Creek Campground

Sunset Campground

Thorn Meadows Campground

Tinta Campground

Toad Springs Campground

Upper Oso Campground

Valle Vista Campground

Wagon Flat Campground

Wheeler Gorge Campground

White Oaks Campground

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