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Stanislaus National Forest

19777 Greenley Road, Sonora, California 95370 USA
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Backpacker's Campground

Baker Campground

Beardsley Campground

Big Meadow Campground

Big Meadow Group Campground

Bloomfield Campground

Board's Crossing Campground

Boulder Flat Campground

Brightman Flat Campground

Cascade Creek Campground

Cherry Valley Campground

Clark Fork Campground

Clark Fork Horse Campground

Dardanelle Campground

Dimond O Campground

Eureka Valley Campground

Fence Creek Campground

Fraser Flat Campground

Hermit Valley Campground

Herring Creek Campground

Herring Reservoir Campground

Highland Lakes Campground

Hull Creek Campground

Lake Alpine Campground

Lodgepole Group Campground

Lodgepole Overflow Campground

Lost Claim Campground

Lumsden Campground

Lumsden Bridge Campground

Meadowview Campground

Mill Creek Campground

Moore Creek Group Campground

Mosquito Lakes Campground

Niagara Creek Campground

Niagara OHV Campground

Pacific Valley Campground

Pigeon Flat Campground

Pine Marten Campground

Pinecrest Campground

Pioneer Trail Group Campground

River Ranch Campground

Sand Bar Flat Campground

Sand Flat - Calaveras Campground

Sand Flat - Summit Campground

Silver Valley Campground

Silvertip Campground

South Fork Campground

Spicer Group Campground

Spicer Reservoir Campground

Stanislaus River Campground

Sweetwater Campground

The Pines Campground

The Pines Group Campground

Wa Ka Luu Hep Yoo Campground

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