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Plumas National Forest

PO Box 11500, Quincy, California 95971 USA
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Big Cove Campground

Black Rock Tent Campground

Boulder Creek Campground

Brady's Campground

Chilcoot Campground

Cleghorn Bar Campground

Conkiln Campground

Cottonwood Springs Campground

Crocker Campground

Deanes Valley Campground

Feather Falls Trailhead Campground

Frenchman Campground

Gansner Bar Campground

Gold Lake Campground

Goose Lake Campground

Grasshopper Flat Campground

Greenville Campground

Grizzly Campground

Grizzly Creek Campground

Hallstead Campground

Haven Lake Campground

Horse Campground

Hutchins Group Campground

Lakes Basin Campground

Lakes Basin Campground - Group Loop

Laufman Campground

Lightning Tree Campground

Little Beaver Campground

Little North Fork Campground

Lone Rock Campground

Long Point Campground

Long Point Campground - Group Loop

Lower Bucks Campground

Meadow View Campground

Mill Creek Campground

Milsap Campground

North Fork Campground

Peninsula Tent Campground

Queen Lily Campground

Red Feather Campground

Rogers Cow Campground

Running Deer Campground

Silver Lake Campground

Sly Creek Campground

Snake Lake Campground

Spanish Creek Campground

Spring Creek Campground

Strawberry Campground

Sundew Campground

Tooms Vehicle Campground

Whitehorse Campground

Wyandotte Campground

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