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Anastasia State Park, Florida - Anastasia State Park Campground Entrance (except Coquina loop which is across the street from here)

Main Campground

Anastasia State Park

1340-A A1A S, St. Augustine, Florida 32080 USA
(904) 461-2033
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5 Star Rating   May 1st, 2013   FANTASTIC!! Love this campground...best I've been to
Campground sites are well-maintained, tidy (sandy site was raked prior to arrival); handicapped accessible sites are paved; bath houses are very clean with cleaning schedule/log in plain view. Bath houses offer three showers, 4 or 5 toilets, three sinks, electric outlets, outdoor utility sink and washer/dryer ($1.50 each machine in April 2013). Each bath house is centrally located between two loops with access from each loop as well as pathways mid-loop (if you are on the far side of the loop from the bath house.) NOTES: you are not allowed to collect deadfall / dead wood / sticks for your fire...they want the deadfall to decay for soil health AND it helps with erosion prevention; you are not allowed to tie any ropes/clotheslines to the trees (many sites have multiple wooden poles you can use for affixing your rope); There is great space for biking and walking, although from some camping loops, you could be over a mile from the ocean. When we were there, the campground was probably 75-85% full but with all the vegetation for privacy, the ample bath houses / size of facilities, etc. it did not feel crowded at all. You hardly knew your neighbors were there! This place is paradise in camping!! Sites are reserved in advance, so plan ahead! Also, read about your site dimensions carefully prior to choosing...some are very short whereas others are more deep...consider that in regards to your equipment. Dump station is very clean and well-equipped; has three bays to keep traffic moving. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CAMPGROUND!!
Submitted by: DrooCroo
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