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Recent Activity

nmac Added 12 Photos for Bass Lake Provincial Park, Ontario
July 23rd, 2017

Showing 9 of 12 Total Photos for Bass Lake Provincial Park

nmac Added 286 Photos for Lakeport State Park, Michigan
July 23rd, 2017

Showing 9 of 557 Total Photos for Lakeport State Park

New Campsite Review Added for Whitewater State Park, Minnesota - Campsite 66
5 Star Rating   July 16th, 2017   Giant tree
Love this campsite! It`s huge and private. The shade from the giant nut tree is just amazing. The little path to the river is quite steep, but accessible. We enjoyed our visit with 6 people and a baby. We all had plenty of room to play and pitch our tents. It`s a fantastic pick.

New Campsite Review Added for El Capitán State Beach, California - Campsite 082
5 Star Rating   July 11th, 2017   Shaded with Ocean View!
One of the best campsites at El Capitan. Large, shaded, and overlooking the ocean. Good luck booking it, though!

toprod200 Added 2 Photos for Six Mile Lake Provincial Park, Ontario
July 10th, 2017

Showing 2 of 4 Total Photos for Six Mile Lake Provincial Park

nmac Added 9 Photos for Grundy Lake Provincial Park, Ontario
July 9th, 2017

Showing 9 of 11 Total Photos for Grundy Lake Provincial Park

New Campground Review Added for Joyful Journeys, Nova Scotia
1 Star Rating   July 8th, 2017   Worst Experience Ever
We planned a camping trip with friends, we decided to go somewhere new. This trip included my husband and I and kids and another couple and their children. We had both contacted the campground before hand to discuss the booking. When we arrived we prepaid for 2 nights the agreed amount quoted. 32 dollars per night plus tax. The site next to us was under construction but we didnt mind because it would be done by 5pm and we could enjoy our evening. When our friend went for firewood later in the evening the lady in he office charged him for the 2 bundles of wood and requested an additional 32 dollars plus tax for the 2 nights to cover having "extra" people on the site. This brought he nightly rate to $48 plus tax per night. This is high for a non serviced lot, but we were set up and decided to just let it go and enjoy our mini vacation. Then when we were having breakfast the next morning the lady from the office came to our site to inform us we had to pay even more money they wanted to charge per tent! We had one large tent and 2 small tents on our lot they wanted us to pay $ 32 plus tx for 2 tents and the smallest tent $16 plus tax. So this unserviced lot would be $80 dollars plus tax a night. This campground although it has a beautiful view is not worth even $32 per night the washroom facilities were old and run down and the coin operated shower stall had a floor that looked like it was made from old wooden pallets. I will not be back and will tell everyone I know about this horrible experience...

Photos Added for Coolidge State Park, Vermont
July 8th, 2017

Showing 9 of 52 Total Photos for Coolidge State Park

New Campground Review Added for Tettegouche State Park, Minnesota
5 Star Rating   July 6th, 2017   Excellent North Shore Campground
This is one of our favorite campgrounds. Love the boardwalk hike to shovel point. Half or more of the sites are now electric. The new check in lodge is beautiful and has WiFi if needed.

CampHansonStyle Added 10 Photos for Wild River State Park, Minnesota
July 5th, 2017

Showing 9 of 398 Total Photos for Wild River State Park
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